Eje Armonización Curricular y Postgrados Tecnológicos

Objetivo estratégico

Diseñar e implementar una oferta curricular de pre y postgrado, con un enfoque tecnológico, que articulados entre sí respondan a las necesidades de la industria y a las expectativas del estudiantado respecto a sus procesos de formación profesional en el área de la ingeniería.

Project Specific Objective Key Result (1st Stage) Activities Goal
(% as planned)
Year 1
(% as planned)
Year 2
(% as planned)
Year 3
Renew in a curricular way the undergraduate study plans based on the Educational Model of UDA and the national and international alignments All the study plans redesign and shortened to 11 semesters A1.1. Formulate plan for shortening careers 100% 100% 100%
A1.2. Creation of Curricular Observatory 33% 66% 100%
A1.3. monitoring and support to implement curriculum redesigns 33% 66% 100%
A1.4. Formulate an accreditation plan 100% 100% 100%
Apply in classes, the active learning methodologies that promote the transversal skills and abilities required 100% academics trained to apply active methodologies A1.5. Implement and execute training programs for academics in effective teaching-learning methodologies 33% 66% 100%
Train undergraduate and postgraduate students with transversal skills and abilities such as: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, communication, teamwork, information technologies and English. 100 students trained A1.6. Develop entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, communication, teamwork, information technologies and English programs 33% 66% 100%
Increase the study plans of joint undergraduate and postgraduate courses that respond to the needs demanded by society and the industry All the postgraduate plans articulates with undergraduate plans A1.7. Formulate plan for postgraduate programs 100% 100% 100%
A1.8. Update and/or generate joint undergraduate and postgraduate study plans 0% 70% 100%
Provide the faculty with the infrastructure required to promote the development of teaching 50% classrooms y labs adapted A1.9. Set up classrooms 33% 66% 100%
A1.10. Set up laboratories 33% 66% 100%